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A very warm welcome to the world of my ON-LINE Self-Published material.

It gives me great pleasure to present a fantastic array of my bespoke ON-LINE publications for your consideration.

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In this new word of ordering goods from home using a smartphone or laptop why not consider the same for your next personal treat or birthday gift or Christmas pressie or celebration gift

 by purchasing your CALENDAR or NOVEL or PHOTO-BOOK on -line as well.

Your purchase is custom made at the time of order and will be delivered in superb packaging normally by courier usually within 10 days.

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Very high quality publications availble through several on-line retailers such as:

amazon, waterstones, blurb, calvendo, book depository to name a few.

About myself

A Brief Introduction


Jon Grainge LBIPP             

From an early age I was always interested in becoming a military pilot. This I managed serving in Her Majesty's Royal Air Force for three years flying both jet and piston aircraft. This incredible adventure was followed by many years involved with boat charter and sales throughout Europe where I became a "knowledge" on Dutch steel craft. I then emigrated to the south of Spain (Andalucia) where over a period of 5 years became involved in the marketing of the local Government of Benalmadena together with the sales of 'off-plan' property in Marbella and Granada, but the crash of 2006/7 redirected my resolve towards the field of photography and writing. I studied photography and gained membership to the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Embracing the latest technology in self-publishing I joind blurb.com, based in the United States and began publishing my own books and magazines.

It was not until 2012 when the call of the novel gripped me, so began a series of short adventure novels based on current political events at the time of writing which I now market under the banner of The   EUROPEAN PHOTO-BOOK COLLECTION.

In 2017 I teamed up with a prestigious German calendar publisher and produce a range of 60+ calendar titles.

Jon Grainge LBIPP


The world of self-publication uses cutting edge tehnology to bring you custom quality printed publications at the touch of a button.


On-Line publishing is the future.

 My calendars and novels may be bought from Waterstones' own site.

My photo-books may be bought from amazon's own site.

Latest Publications only recently released in late 2018

"Fairford Experience 2018"


A 10" x 8" book on the fabulous air display in 2018.

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)

"Life on the Nile"


Take a voyage down the River Nile and view the life on it's banks. Some stunning images of Cairo, temples and the River.

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)

"An Adventure in Fez, Morocco"


A beautiful book of this old Moroccan city.

www.amazon.com (searchJon Grainge)

"Journey through Jordan"


Pictorial report of life in this famous country of Jordan

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)



A3/A4 Calendar of this iconic aircraft

www.calvendo.co.uk (search Jon Grainge)

"Saharan Portfolio"


A collection of wonderful photographs taken in the Sahara.

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)

Small Selection of "Photo-Book" titles:



Images of this glamorous resort in Spain.

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)

"Fairford Tower...Ready for take-off"


Stunning aviation images.

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)

"Sands of Time"


Stunning images of Persian Azure (model) in the Sahara Desert.

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)

"USAF 70th anniversary"


Stunning images of American aircraft at Fairford celebrations.

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)

"In Search of Erg Chebbie"


Images of the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)

"Chic Marinas of the Western Mediterranean"


Images and information of many of the best marinas in the westerh Mediterranean.

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)

These high quality PHOTO-BOOKS can be considered as conventional books as they contain much imformative text as well as the many stunning images. Over 50 interesting titles to choose from. Choice of soft cover, hardback with dust cover and image wrap; all with a choice of paperweight. I strongly recommend that you plumb for the premium lustre paper for maximum image quality. All the books may be viewed and purchased on the following sites with most credit/debit cards:

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge)


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Small selection of "Adventure Novel " titles:

"An Unfortunate Affair in Fez"


A mystery aircraft is spotted in Morocco. Colonel Franklin is sent in to investigate.

www.waterstones.com (search Jon Grainge)

"Fateful Decision"


A story involving a missing aircraft containing an important document.

www.waterstones.com (search Jon Grainge)

"A Voice from Heaven"


An adventure where Israel strikes at Iran.

www.waterstones.com (search Jon Grainge)

"Echoes from a Silent Enemy"


An adventure involving cyber warfare and a British Airways A380 aircraft.

www.waterstones.com (search Jon Grainge)

"The Last Crossing"


Refugees get caught up in politics!

www.waterstones.com (search Jon Grainge)

"Sanctuary in Malta"


An jihadi assassin is marooned in Malta en-route to a target.

www.waterstones.com (search Jon Grainge)

All my action adventure NOVELS in either paperback or hard cover formats are based on political situations current at the time of writing.  Most are set in the Middle-East, North Africa or around the Mediterranean Basin where life can be unsettled and disturbed. Several of the plots revolve around  characters called Group Captain Dick Barton RAF and Colonel James Franklin SAS. They are sort of James Bond figures.

All the novels may be viewed and purchased with most credit/debit cards from:

www.waterstones.com (search Jon Grainge)

www.bookdepository.com (search Jon Grainge)

www.amazon.com (search Jon Grainge) 

www.barnsandnoble.com (search Jon Grainge)

www.foyles.co.uk (search Jon Grainge)

www.booktopia.com.au (search Jon Grainge)

For a more detailed appraisal of several of the novels click on the following link!


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Small selection of" Calendar" titles:

" Dream Machines"


13 images of some of the world's most glamourous aircraft.

www.calvendo.co.uk (search Jon Grainge in product gallery)

"Girl on a Train"


Beautiful Bulgarian girl on a steam train in black and white.

www.calvendo.co.uk (search Jon Grainge in product gallery)

"Cotswold Cottages"


13 images of beautiful cottages in the Cotswolds.

www.calvendo.co.uk (search Jon Grainge in product gallery)

"Birds of Prey"


13 images of birds of prey in the Cotswolds area of UK.

www.calvendo.co.uk (search Jon Grainge inproduct gallery)

"Hot Girls"


13 images of some beautiful young ladies

www.calvendo.co.uk (search Jon Grainge in product gallery)

"Royal Air Force. The Red Arrows"


13 images of this iconic formation team

www.calvendo.co.uk (search Jon Grainge in product gallery)

My varied selection of more than 60 bespoke CALENDARS are published in cooperation with the very well known German publisher, Calvendo. These calendars are of pictorial design and come in both A3 and A4 formats and some are landscape and some in portrait format. Subjects include: Aviation, Marine, Animals, Glamour, Travel and Cotswolds.

They may be viewed and purchased with most credit/debit cards on :

www.calvendo.co.uk (search Jon Grainge in showroom)


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Small selection of "Magazine" titles:

"Birds in Paradise, Spain"


"Aviation Images"


Selection of great aircraft images.


"Malta and Gozo"


Images of these wonderful islands sat in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


"Birds in Paradise UK"


"Lifestyle on the Costa Del Sol, Spain"


Images of this iconic area of southern Spain.


"Birds in Paradise, 20 years"


For a short period I produced a selection of topical MAGAZINES through blurb.com. Varied in nature they follow similar themes to those of my photo-books , but a little more glamorous! I would suggest you order in premier paper quality for best results.

They may be viewed and purchased with most credit/debit cards on:


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Small selection from the "Mini-Book" collection:

"Exotic Cocktails and Shots"


Sexy Images and recipes for many, many sexy cocktails and shots. You will love this!




Images and information on the Sahara Desert in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco.


"F-22A Raptor"


        Stunning images of this 5th          generation stealth aircraft.


"Mallorca and Ibiza"


Information and images of these beautiful Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea.


"European Wildlife"


Stunning images of some interesting animals found within Europe.


"Odessa Ukraine"


Images from this little known city on the Black Sea in Ukraine.


During 2017/18 I published a new collection of Photo-Books, but in a small format (7" x7"). These handy sized pocket books are economically priced  but are nevertheless packed with information and stunning images. Available in soft cover, hardback with dust cover and image wrap. Choice of paperweight also. I would suggest you order in premier lustre paper for best results. The MINI-BOOK  collection may be purchased with most credit/debit cards from :


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Promotion Videos:

For your entertainment (and my humiliation!) for the marketing of my adventure novels I have produced a series of short and hopefully amusing video promos featuring several of the characters from  the book under promotion. These may be viewed , through rose coloured glasses, on youtube.

www.youtube.com (search Jon Grainge)

You may also wish to check out my unedited Jon Grainge Publications promotional video direct by clicking on the link below. (Should amuse you!)


Another promotional film for posterity


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I really do appreciate the time that you have taken to view my site and sincerely hope you successfully navigated to the site hosting the selection of your choice. 

Do please enjoy.

Warmest Regards

Jon Grainge


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The Future

Do stay abreast of my site as new books come on-line all the time. A book on the attributes of Jordan will appear in April/May 2019 and a new action packed novel set in Morocco with Colonel Franklin is in the making right now .


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